Monte Alto Franciacorta


Società Agricola Monte Alto is an artisan enterprise that was born from our passion for wine, land and viticulture, and from the desire to create a natural and not manipulated product, that can express the area of origin through the wine. Our wine.


The desire to create products that best express the characteristics of the territory of Lake Iseo and Franciacorta is the basis of our project and of the way we work.
A limitation of the corrections in the cellar thanks to a scrupulous and targeted care in the vineyard, allows us to better express the true potential of our vineyards and therefore of our wines.
The vineyards surrounding the company are affected by the geopedological characteristics of mount Alto, on which the company is located and from which it takes its name.
Monte Alto, characterized by the outcrop of rock formations of marine origin of Jurassic-Cretaceous age, and composed mainly of limestone, marl, marly limestone and flint limestone, produces the distinctive characteristics of our wines.
Furthermore, the sensitivity of the man allows the identification of the territory’s potential, so that it can be expressed in the glass.




Monte Alto grows 3 hectares of vineyards from which the wines of the company are produced.
From the management point of view the company adopts minimally invasive techniques both from the agronomic and the wine aspect.
An accurate and targeted pruning for each vine, manual management of the entire green phase (pollard, suckering, crop thinning, etc.), careful and expert monitoring of all the phenological stages of the plants, machining under wine without using chemical herbicides.
The raw material is then preserved thanks to a minimally invasive enology that would allow the wines to stabilize naturally, reducing to a minimum the use of enological adjuvants.
All these aspects allow us to find the necessary balance to express the territory of origin in the glass.



You can imagine the wine as a container and the production area as the set of conditions that represent its natural content. Franciacorta is an area of pleasant hills in the province of Brescia. Watching it from above it is possible to see a double morainic amphitheater formed during the last Ice Age due to a large glacier that came down from the Val Camonica and dug the basin of Lake Iseo, pushing its moraines to form the current hilly cords and allowing the vines to be cultivated since ancient times.

Curtefranca rosso DOC


Area: 1,45 ha
Vines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Barbera e Nebbiolo
Spacing of the vines: guyot
Planting density: 5.000 plants/hectare
Exposure: North - East
Soil: calcareous - clayish
Age: 15 years

Franciacorta DOCG


Area: 1,25 ha
Vines: Pinot Noir
Sesto d’impianto: guyot
Planting density: 5.000 plants/hectare
Exposure: North - East
Soil: Deep morainic
Age: 10 years


The winery is located at the foot of Monte Alto in Clusane d'Iseo, in a farmhouse built in the early twentieth century.
After a small modernization, part of the farmhouse was used as a wine cellar.
From the production area it comes down to the actual winery and its built in stone, where red wine refined in barrels and Franciacorta in bottles, going for a cozy tasting room where a large fireplace, constructed with the local stone of Sarnico, gladdens whole days spent discuss the different vine pruning.

An authentic real context, uncompromising and fueled by passion.

About us

Among the scents of the must the friendship between Alberto and Davide was born. They share the indomitable need to discover, enhance and improve their knowledge in the world of wine through fascinating travels in the best and most suitable Italian and international wine-growing areas. From Tuscany to Puglia, from Piedmont to Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Champagne to Burgundy through the Loire Valley, South Africa and New Zealand. Then, after several years of work experience in the wine industry in a winery in Franciacorta, they decide to undertake the difficult but coveted road that will lead them to the realization of their project.
That is how they founded Monte Alto, in June 2014.
The company is located in Clusane d'Iseo on the north-east side of Mount Alto, the mountain from which the company takes its name. This is because the peculiar characteristics of the calcareous-clay soil of the mount generate the typicality and the uniqueness of the company’s wines. Wines that are delicate yet deep and structured, hard but harmonious and balanced. All qualities of an area that has enormous wine potential, that Monte Alto daily seeks to preserve and to express in the glass, through a constant work in the vineyard.


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